La Muse is grateful to be associated with such wonderful companies and
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a Live with Gratitude, Inc. company :  Oyster Bay, NY - This salon is owned by two very good
friends of mine; Dawn Corcoran and Debbie Cappiello.  They are both extremely
talented with hair.  Please visit their salon if you have the opportunity!  Alexandria, VA - An absolute perfectionist!  Sheri is my
friend and the person responsible for the La Muse logo, our advertisements,
brochures, and the list goes on.  She's a one stop shop whether you need a business
card, an event program or a shopping bag design!  She'll even get print quotes for you
and help you through that process as well.  
by Debra Monahan, Owner, La Muse  Melville, NY - Dr. Ken Eagle is more than a friend, he's
as close to a brother as I'll ever have.  His dedication and passion to the health and
wellness, both physically and mentally, of his patients is second to none.  You simply
won't find a better Chiropractor in the whole entire world!!  Also, he is a mentor in The
Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz.
Here is a super cool link to a Power Point presentation regarding Flight 1549, the
"Miracle on the Hudson" led by Captain Sully on January 15, 2009.  I've included it
because the photos are powerful and the story is filled with life, hope and inspiration.  
Click Here
***Reprinted from our November 2009 newsletter***

Meet my friend Gina...

Everybody's got a friend like this; She's smart, sexy & sassy - fashionable, fun,
outgoing and a real go getter.  The world is just a little more fancy with her in it.  She
always looks good and has a closet full of product to help with the process. Hair care,
skin care, foot care, body care, nail care, cosmetics ... you name it, she's got it or has
tried it.  With a friend like this you don't have to waste your dollars trying new potions
and lotions, she's already done it for you and can give you a 'ya' or 'nay' on just about

Enter my fancy friend - Gina Marie.  Throughout the years Gina has tried hundreds of
different product lines to keep her face fresh, her hair silky and her skin as smooth as
a baby's bottom (all of which she manages to do).  All have tried to impress her, most
have failed and only one line has stayed in her bathroom for years - Arbonne
International.  Arbonne is a line of Swiss formulated, American made health and
beauty care products.  Over the years Gina has turned me and my friends on to one
Arbonne product or another and we each have our favorites that we swear by.  
Recently she's decided to capitalize on all the product testing she's done and
referrals she's given away and become an Arbonne distributor.  

Give yourself a little treat this holiday season.  Talk to my good friend Gina and tell her
you want skin as smooth as a baby's bottom too - she'll have you looking fab for all
those holiday parties in no time!
Here's her website:  
Here's her email:
Be sure to tell her "Deb sent me" for the friends and family discount!
Arbonne's Nutrimin C Anti
Aging Facial Care System  Alexandria, VA - The Old Town Tri Club was founded by Darryel
Adams, my husband.  The club is dedicated to helping people who Tri and want to Tri.
 The club welcomes newbies and veteran triathletes with lots of opportunities to learn,
work out and socialize together.  If you know someone who walks, runs, swims or
bikes please send them on over to the OTTC website.